Ship’s Log: Reaching Vooju Late March

While The Biller’s latest pirate game, Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, has already reached the northern shores of the adventure-loving Germany, those of us who would, erm, prefer the English version will have to wait for March 26th – that’s when the game is to be published by Mamba Games.

In the game, Papa Doc, Blue Belly and Jane Starling (pictured on the cover art below) have all been placed under Queen Zimbi’s Vooju curse and need to regain their human form, only to discover that being a ghost places certain limitations on your interactions with the world of flesh.

English Box Art
English Box Art

Above, you can find a pretty neat teaser trailer for the game, and if you’re interested, we posted an earlier lowdown on the game that can be read here. For more information on this adventure, you can also visit the game’s official website at the very inspirational address Ghost-Pirates dot com!

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